Music is the pathway to the heart

Stands for an independent artist and producers/writers collective based in Northern Italy.

About us

LOFI FRUITS BEATS stands for an independent artist and producers/writers collective based in Northern Italy.

LOFI FRUITS BEATS is a registered trademark because it includes both the artsy part and the publishing one with LOFI FRUITS BEATS Srls, which deals with the partners and the labels in order to preserve the artists’ work. In addition, the Company manages editorial masters too.


We are 100% independent, and we strongly believe in independent music. We take care of production, publishing, distribution and every other aspect of the job: from dealing with the artistic part, to the graphic aspect, up to social management.

We work with XLM PRO, API and DDEX formats. As matter of fact this allow us to achieve the best results and to optimise the profits. The best deal between DSPs and the artist. LOFI FRUITS BEATS Collective provides music for synchronization and advertising partnerships, and it’s employed in Japanese Anime too.

core Features


As music publisher, we truly believe in copyright protection. That’s why we joined SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) and AudioCoop in order to preserve and protect the artists’ work.


Digital distribution and record label are one of the main cores, because we know the importance of being on all the platform, securing Indie music the right spot.


We love vinyl, that’s why we are on the main marketplace with a stocked vinyl e-commerce.


Lo-Fi music took hold because we all need a music to relate to, a music that could be the perfect soundtrack for every moment of the day, that could fit in anyone’s lifestyle, regardless of activities or places.

That’s why our catalog is constantly developing, and the production of new music is a top priority. Supporting the creative process of our artists and, at the same time, assuring everyone could connect their lifestyle to Lo-Fi music is what satisfies us the most.


In order to support artistic creativity and to ease artists’ work, we have assembled our own recording studio. Small, but geared with the best equipment, including Dolby ATMOS 7.1.2 for mastering.